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Ace Wildlife Solutions provides comprehensive pest control services in Auburn and Central New York to get rid of unwelcome animals in your home and stop them from coming back. We use safe and effective methods to remove bats, birds, rodents and other pests, and seal up areas of reentry.

We are proud to report a 100% success rate for safely eliminating bats from homes, businesses, garages, and other buildings in Central New York. With 20 different bat species active in New York, these pests can colonize buildings of all kinds. Our experienced team removes the bat adults and offspring, finds where they entered in the first place, seals the areas and any other possible entry points, so you do not have to deal with the problem again. From bats to birds to rats, raccoons, and other critters, we look at each problem individually and understand the creatures' nesting habits to make sure we extract all the pests and eliminate areas of reentry.

For professional bat, rat, and bird control in Auburn, New York, call Ace Wildlife Solutions. We'll take care of the problem completely the first time so you can rest easy.

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